Dyslexia and Literacy: The Role of the OT

Occupational Therapist, Jordan, attended the course “Dyslexia and Literacy: The Role of the OT” to advance her knowledge by learning how to define and understand the signs and symptoms of dyslexia, as well as the misunderstandings. Additionally, she was provided with specific interventions and learned how to address dyslexia during her OT sessions. Attending this…

Oppositional, Defiant, and Disruptive Children and Adolescents

Occupational Therapist, Hailey Tollefson, attended the course “Oppositional, Defiant, Disruptive Children and Adolescents” to advance her knowledge by learning new and effective non-medication approaches for children and adolescents who demonstrate challenging behaviors. Attending this conference, Hailey learned a variety of effective strategies used to treat children who have out of control behaviors, as well as…

Quickshifts: Revolutionizing the Use of Sounds in Sensorimotor Integrative Treatment

Hannah Zimmerman, Director of Therapy Services in Bismarck, participated in a live webinar titled Quickshifts: Revolutionizing the Use of Sound in Sensorimotor Integrative Treatment. This course emphasized education on research, use of Therapeutic Listening, and new Quickshifts albums that are available. This program is a quick readjustment for children that have gone through the Therapeutic…

Therapists Dive Deeper into Treating Pediatric Feeding Concerns

Families with children who struggle with feeding issues often find mealtimes stressful and unpleasant. At Pediatric Partners, our therapists work hard developing and implementing strategies to help restore that bonding time for families. Recently, several members from our speech-language pathology and occupational therapy teams spent time digging deeper into approaches and techniques to better address these challenges with children and their families.

Social Skills Group Bismarck Region

Our Bismarck clinic and the University of Mary Occupational Therapy Research program are excited to partner together to provide an incredible opportunity for the families in the Bismarck Region.  The partnership offers a six-week social skills group that will be led and directed by skilled therapists, who will be planning /leading the social group.