Bismarck Occupational Therapist, Sabrina, and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, Kelly, recently attended an online course “MNRI Dynamic & Postural Reflex Pattern Integration – Part 1” hosted by Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute.  This course provided Kelly and Sabrina with a foundational understanding of primary motor reflex patterns, the impact of non-integration, and MNRI techniques to assess and integrate reflexes. Integration of primary motor reflexes are essential to build the foundation as it relates to future skills of emotional and behavioral regulation, advancing motor, and communication. Through the integration of primary reflexes, it helps children reach their fullest potential.

Both therapists learned a variety of effective strategies to provide treatment at a foundational level of neurodevelopment in achieving functional goals such as dressing, play, and social skills. This is a tool that they can utilize to provide home programming specific to children’s needs. They can provide education to parents and caregivers related to primitive reflexes and how they impact their child’s function.

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