Hannah Zimmerman, Director of Therapy Services in Bismarck, participated in a live webinar titled Quickshifts: Revolutionizing the Use of Sound in Sensorimotor Integrative Treatment. This course emphasized education on research, use of Therapeutic Listening, and new Quickshifts albums that are available. This program is a quick readjustment for children that have gone through the Therapeutic Listening Program or for children who are demonstrating difficulty with their sensory and auditory skills. This program can be implemented in the patient’s home or at the Pediatric Partners clinic.


Hannah specifically chose this training to increase her knowledge of Quickshifts and expand upon her education of the Therapeutic Listening Program.  She feels that her education on this treatment will allow her to educate the Occupational Therapy team on the practice and use of the Quickshifts albums, as well as to provide another therapy option for the children who are being seen at Pediatric Partners.

For more information or to learn if Quickshifts albums are appropriate for your child contact us at 888-875-5262 or [email protected].