Pediatric Partners therapist receives certification in Toileting, Interoception, and Nutrition, an evidence-based approach for promoting toileting success and independence.

Through this course, therapists learned more about the relationship between bowel and bladder, how to address interocpetion, and how nutrition impacts toileting. Providers were able to review current trends in toileting approaches and the latest research that emphasized the need to address the underlying causes that often contribute to a variety of toileting issues. The main area of focus during this course was on how poor interoception and/or unhealthy eating habits underlie common toileting issues such as daytime accidents, nocturnal enuresis (nighttime bed wetting), stool withholding and constipation.

With this certification, providers will have the ability to expand their approach to various toileting concerns, provide additional knowledge and awareness to families, as well as improve toileting at a fast and longer lasting rate.