A physical therapist from the Pediatric Partners Clinic in Bismarck attended the Combined Sections Meeting this past spring. This is the leading physical therapy (PT) conference through the American Physical Therapy Association and provides an incredible opportunity for physical therapists to continue their education, network, collaborate, and share their experience.

Through this conference, therapists were able to participate in several sessions, with a variety of topics, and mixture of on-demand courses and live presentations. This year, the Pediatric Partners physical therapist chose to focus on pediatrics and research, along with family and child treatment, care, and communication.

These courses provided therapists with new research regarding patient care in the areas of Cerebral Palsy, aquatic therapy, billing, communication, physical activity and obesity, technology, treatment interventions, and other pertinent topics they can apply to their therapy sessions.

Sharing the knowledge and education learned from this conference will further benefit parents of children with Cerebral Palsy.