Celebrating the Young Child throughout the month of April

Recognizing the National Week of the Young Child, our Early Intervention team has created a months’ worth of engaging activities to help families focus, connect and enjoy the precious time they spend together. Building from a theme for each day of the week, the team has created thoughtful activities that are easy to customize to fit the busy schedules, routines and abilities of all families.

  • Music Monday – Music is a great way to have fun while adding activity and language skills into your day.  Dance parties in the kitchen or nursery rhyme favorites, will offer new ways of connecting with your whole family.
  • Tasty Tuesday – Food can be such a fun way to liven up your weekday routine.  Conversation around healthy nutrition and habits along with kid-friendly recipes, are a perfect way to connect with your child in fresh and fun ways.
  • Team Work Wednesday – Working together is a life-skill that can begin at an early age.  Focusing on age-appropriate tasks to help develop social and communication skills will continue to grow from the playrooms to the classrooms and beyond.
  • Creative Thursday – Focusing on art can open new doors for children who are ready to develop creatively, socially and love to dive in and use their hands.  Time to pull out all the artsy supplies that you can find and see where your child’s imagine takes you.
  • Family Friday – Celebrating family is one of the most engaging and positive moments to grow in your home.  Looking through photo albums, sharing your own stories and building new traditions will bring out the best memories and activities for years to come.

Early Intervention is a free program that offers services for children from birth to three years of age who have a developmental delay or disability. Our team is comprised of our own pediatric experts, including: Educational Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists and Physical Therapists.