Pediatric Partners is proud to announce the expansion of services in Physical and Occupational Therapy to include a Universal Exercise Unit (UEU) in our Fargo and Bismarck, North Dakota locations. The Universal Exercise Unit is a treatment modality suspension system that allows patients to explore movement in a fun new way to achieve their goals.  Children with diagnoses including, but not limited to, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, stroke, sensory disorders, low muscle tone, and difficulties advancing through motor milestones will all benefit from this extraordinary treatment system.  Jody Hendrickson, Alyssa Sauvageau, Darla Jesser, Kody Strum, Barb Matthews, Becca Gaikowski, Jenifer Parsons, Jayla Greene, Alishia Daily, Melissa Groth from Fargo and Kiley Dosland, Micah Hale, Katie Thorson, Jordyn Richter, Kaylee Tishmack, Mollie Koble, Jesse Wutzke, Courtney Kraft, and Brooke Larson from Bismarck received comprehensive two-day training at their specific locations, on the use, protocol, and safety of this new equipment. The Pediatric Partners experts are excited to share their new therapy service with the children that they treat in their clinic and to new patients that are looking for new motivating and successful treatment tools to reach their targeted goals.

For more information about the Universal Exercise Unit and how it may benefit your child, contact us at 888-875-5262 or [email protected].