Join our team in bringing awareness to Better Hearing and Speech Month

Each day, our Speech-Language therapy team works to improve the total communication of the children we serve.  This could be speaking, use of words, listening and responding, interpreting social language, thinking and understanding concepts as well as feeding and swallowing concerns.  For the month of May, our team is bringing awareness to Communication Across the Lifespan:

  • Speech: helping children produce age appropriate speech sounds correctly
  • Language: what a child understands both receptive and expressive
  • Social Skills: appropriate peer interactions (taking turns, maintaining topics of conversation and eye contact)
  • Voice and Fluency: helping children who stutter or have voice concerns
  • Oral Motor & Feeding: addressing deficits such as drooling, difficulty chewing, or eating a limited amount or variety of foods
  • Literacy: assisting when difficulties are present with reading, writing, and/or spelling

We are proud of our compassionate team of Speech-Language Pathologists, who are committed to making a difference through Communication Across the Lifespan, of a child’s life.