The ND Autism Waiver provides equipment, supplies, and intervention coordination for children with autism ages birth through seven years old. Early Intervention Partners is an approved provider for the ND Autism Waiver. Eligibility for the waiver program is determined by the Evaluation and Diagnostic Team.

Occupational Therapy For Autism

Early Intervention Partners offers Service Manager and Skills Trainer services to qualifying ND families.

Service Manager

As a provider of Service Management, Early Intervention Partners will oversee and ensure that all services and support is meeting your child’s needs. An Early Intervention Partners Service Manager strives to give your child better opportunities to interact successfully with both their family members and the community.

Skills Trainer

Skills Trainers at Early Intervention Partners will provide supervision and support as necessary to ensure maximum care for your child. They will implement your child’s individual service plan. This plan strives to provide better opportunities for your child to interact with both family and the community successfully.